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How about a magic trick?
Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart. Anger is only one letter short of danger. If someone betrays you once, it is his fault; if he betrays you twice, it's your fault. Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. He who loses money, loses much; he who loses a friend, loses much more, he who loses faith, loses all. Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art. Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself. Friends, you and me. You brought another friend. And then there were three, we started our group. Our circle of friends. And like that circle. There is no beginning or end. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present...
We are the ones who saw it all
We saw kingdoms rise and fall
We brought soldiers to the fight
And ran to war in morninglight
We shall ever love and give
We shall always run to live
To survive, we must be mild
To subsist, we must be wild
And that we will always be
Forever wild, forever free...

When you gave me our last hug, it was an 'I never wanna let you go' kind of hugs.
Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
You know what you are. What you made of. War is in your blood. Don't fight it!
You didn't kill for your country, you killed for yourself. God would never gonna make that go away.
When you pushed, killing is as easy as breathing.
You may bored with my big face,
but if I walk over
who would come to my place?
Mom I say thank you for it to you gave birth to me.
Fhank you, because raised, that a man was from me.
I say thank you for mit because you lodged a protest always in the summer, a winter,
You were careful with tenderness in order for trouble not to ripen.
Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!
Vivid lose consciousness, love-it!
Very nice to me, and very expensíve.
Distruptíve to the brain, which is Twilight property.
Think much of my life, my dear love.



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